Alert J5 Professional Breathalyser

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Professional electronic DoT certified breathalyser kit for busy fleet and transport departments that require a trusted and reliable testing procedure in place.

A complete solution that gives results in under 30 seconds.

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The ALERT™ J5 combines everything you need in a breathalyser: Precision, convenience and speed. All ALERT™ J5 devices use fuel cell sensors to guarantee accurate test results and cater to law enforcement. This multifunctional breathalyser provides results within 30 seconds. You can also store results on the device and print them using a Bluetooth printer.

Each ALERT™ J5 breathalyser kit includes 2 AA batteries, a DC adapter, 5 mouthpieces, a Bluetooth printer, an AC printer charger, 1 roll of printer paper, an instruction manual and a durable carry case.

  • 1-year warranty is offered to ensure that your device is taken care of.
  • Industry trusted electrochemical sensor provides you with accurate test results every time.
  • Ability to scan the environment without active user participation.
  • DOT certified breathalyser.
  • Conveniently stores previous test results.
  • Saves you time with results available within 30 seconds.
  • Displays a calibration reminder for your convenience.
  • You will only need to calibrate once per year.