DigiVu 4 Tachograph Download Key – DV04

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Digivu vehicle unit tachograph download solution from Tachosys

Key features

  • The fastest vehicle unit download key on the market
  • Works with any stand-alone or online analysis software
  • Customisable settings to optimise performance
  • Intelligent internal file management
  • Connects to a PC for easy upload and automatic archiving

separate analysis software not included

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The Digivu from Tachosys is the fastest and simplest digital tachograph downloader.

Using the USB adaptor provided, Digivu is connected to a PC to upload the data using our free digiConnect software.

digivu helps you remain compliant as you periodically download vehicle unit data. Our digiConnect software allows you to customise your download settings to select which data and for how many days.

digivu manages its own files including archiving and cleaning up partial downloads caused by any power interruptions. As it has its own file system, it cannot be written to inadvertently by viruses.

separate analysis software not included