High Security Bolt Seal – Sequentially Numbered


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High Security Bolt Seals are a metal tamper-proof security seal, fully compliant with the highest security regulation: ISO 17712:2013 (H). These security seals are designed for securing high value shipping cargo and preventing interference.

Custom Printed with your Logo/Name from as few as 1,000 (POA).

This security seal is fully compliant with the highest standards of ISO17712:2013 and has been classified as a HMRC Group 1 Barrier Seal. This means that this seal has been tested and is able to withstand over 1,000kg of force, as tested independently by HMRC.

  • ISO 17712:2013 compliant High Security Seal
  • These seals can handle over 1,000kg of tensile pressure
  • HM Revenue & Customs High Barrier Seal Class 1
  • EU Regulation 2454/93, Article 386, Annex 46A
  • US In-Bond Security
  • 100 seals per pack
  • Carbon steel

Seal Procedure

No tool required, simply push the bolt into locking head. Record seal number and contents for later verification. When the seal has been locked the bolt spins freely on the locking bush to confirm seal integrity. Use a bolt cutter to remove.


Blue, Yellow