DriveSafe Exec Personal Breathalyser

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Portable electronic DoT certified breathalyser

Helping to ensure the safety of your staff.

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The DRIVESAFE™ exec personal breathalyser combines both portability and accuracy.

Developed with a fuel cell sensor, the DRIVESAFE™ exec guarantees fast results and high-quality sampling. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Each DRIVESAFE™ exec breathalyser comes fully equipped with 2 AA alkaline batteries, an instruction manual, a protective carry case and 5 mouthpieces.

  • 1 year warranty is offered to ensure that your device is taken care of.
  • DOT certified breathalyser.
  • Industry trusted electrochemical sensor provides you with accurate test results every time.
  • Portable so you carry it around wherever you go.
  • One button operation so it is easy to use.
  • Displays a calibration reminder for your convenience.
  • You will only need to calibrate once a year.