80 Litre Cab / Truck Exterior Spill Kit – Hinged Cabinet


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These spill kits for trucks can absorb up to 80 litres of oil, chemical & general spills, and supplied in a hinged cabinet for mounting on the cab exterior.

Special kits available for oil & chemical spills

Each kit contains:

4 x 120cm Sock

30 x Absorbent Pads – 40x50cm

1 x Absorbent Cushion

1 x Plug Rug Draing Cover – 45x65cm

1 x 1kg Plugging Compound

1 x Pair PVC Gaunlets

2 x Disposable Bag and Tie

1 x Instrucitons / Front Label

Available as a general purpose, oil or chemical spill kit from the options below.

Spill Kit Type

Chemical – CSKVE6, General Purpose, Oil – OSKVE6