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Storm Sprayer & Backpack Sanitiser Applicator

The Complete Sanitiser Solution to help protect against Covid-19
Powered by MotorScrubber Backpack Technology. 


Quickly and efficiently sanitise all frequently touched surfaces such as shopping trolley handles, door handles, transport hand rails and taps with the innovative and easy to use Storm system. 

Ideal for use with sprayable disinfectants such as Sterichelle

Storm Sprayer

  • Quickly sanitise common touch points, reducing risk of cross infection
  • Spray disinfectant evenly to give you solid coverage
  • Easy to use system
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Hang neatly on the wall
  • Give customers peace of mind – seeing you be proactive in virus control
  • Use EPA approved and registered disinfectants proven to kill Coronavirus
  • Can be used safely during the day. No risk of setting off fire alarms, unlike Foggers.

Storm Wand 

Storm Sprayer

  • Targeted mist spray on demand
  • Use with any disinfectant
  • Super lightweight – 0.3kg
  • Quick nozzle change – easy to clean and maintain
  • Coiled cable and solution pipe for added manoeuvrability
  • Easy push fit connections for maintenance

Storm Back Pack

Storm Sprayer BackPack


  • Portable & Battery Operated With No Trailing Cables
  • 110 minutes continuous running time
  • Quick change battery if longer runtime required
  • Reliable low cost batteries
  • 1 Litre quick change solution bottle
  • No need to remove backpack to refill
  • Lightweight (just 4.5kg)
  • Commercial grade high pressure pump (8-10 Bar)
  • Belt holster to store the Storm Wand

See the full specification in the PDF brochure by clicking here

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