Dustite LR Wheel Nut Dust Cap Indicator (Where Trim Fitted) 50 per pack

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The Dustite LR (long-reach) are wheel nut dust cap indicators for use where wheel trims with wheel nut access holes have been fitted.

Available in various sizes and colours, please see below for options.

Until now, the fitting of a wheel trim has made it difficult to effectively use the standard Dustite or Checkpoint lose wheel nut indicator products.

Dustites LR dust cap indicators are designed to be fitted on wheels with trims/step rings since the pointer, located at the tip of the product, allows for it to fit through the access hole on a trim/step ring. Where a trim/step ring is not fitted to the wheel, Dustite or standard Checpoint indicators must be used. Dustite LR® is fitted onto the wheel nuts in a recognisable pattern once the nuts have been tightened to the manufacturers recommendations using a suitable torque wrench. This must be monitored closely through routine walk around checks, so that if any of the indicators move from the initial pattern appropriate action can be taken.

50 per pack, available in several colour and size combinations, please make your selection below & be sure to check out the demo video in the download area below as well.


Fluoro Yellow, Red


19mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm, 32mm, 33mm