VDO DTCO SmartLink Pro

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A great tool for drivers to have a remote Bluetooth connection to their digital tachograph, enabling them to use their smartphone to access their driving/rest times and for manual entries, mode changes, print-outs and card ejection.

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The VDO DTCO SmartLink Pro is an efficient and smart solution for the remote connection of the VDO Digital Tachograph with an Android or iOS smartphone.

The DTCO SmartLink Pro package consists of a Bluetooth device that can be connected to the VDO Digital Tachograph using the VDO Driver app installed onto a smartphone. The DTCO SmartLink Pro device is plugged into the interface port on the front of the VDO Digital Tachograph and once paired with the smartphone, can be used as a remote control for the VDO Digital Tachograph. Once the VDO Driver app is activated, drivers can then carry out operations on the VDO Digital Tachograph conveniently via their own smartphone.

Functions –

Remote Control – The DTCO display is replicated on the Smartphone and functions such as Manual Entries, Mode Changes, Printouts and Card Ejection can be carried out remotely (DTCO 1.3 onwards).

Calendar – All the driver activities from the Driver Card can be viewed in a monthly calendar view (DTCO 1.4 onwards).

VDO Counter – The VDO Counter data can be used to view remaining Driving / Breaks and Rest times in a graphical manner for the current shift and the Daily and Weekly totals (DTCO 2.0a onwards).

Vehicle Locations – The current vehicle location data and the VDO Counter data at that particular location point can be sent back to a computer where it can be displayed on a map (DTCO 2.1 onwards and requires the TIS-Web Fleet app and TIS-Mapping service).


  • Ease of use of the digital tachograph being accessible via the Smartphone in cases where the tachograph is positioned outside the driver viewing area.
  • Ease of use in adding Manual Entries and hence ensuring correct entry of tachograph data.
  • Easier and faster access of Driving and Rest times and hence avoiding possible infringements.