TruckLock CV Locking Wheel Nut & Key


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The TruckLock is the number 1 locking wheel nut for HGV, Bus & Coach.

One nut per wheel will help prevent wheel & tyre theft, a great way to give you some piece of mind!

£49.95 gets you one TruckLock & key plus you can also order additional keys (spares for the workshop) using the drop box below.

Each key has its own unique encryption and keys can be encrypted individually or alike for fleet needs.

Primary Functions: To help deter and prevent commercial vehicle wheel and tyre theft.

Primary Benefits: One nut per wheel deters or stops wheel/ tyre theft. Simple to install, with no moving parts to corrode or jam.
Each lock has a specially coded pattern milled into it that engages with the corresponding pattern on the Key/Adaptor tool. Multiple
range of key patterns offered and registered to enable additional locks or keys to be ordered quickly and easily.
Fits most commercial vehicles from trucks to mining. Suitable for both steel & alloy wheels. Recommended fitting by use of a torque wrench to avoid possible risk of stud or nut damage from un-calibrated air guns. Trouble free protection and peace of mind.

Sizes: M22mm x 1.5 thread for 10 stud hub mounted disc wheels.

Material: High quality alloy steel hardened for strength & durability.

Additional Keys

None, 1 x Additional Key, 2 x Additional Keys