FuelGrip – Fuel Pump Trigger Grip

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The FuelGrip is a ideal solution for drivers of diesel vehicles of all types, in particular of course commercial drivers with big tanks!

The FuelGrip fuel pump trigger clip lets you fill your tank (s) without holding down the trigger.

Suffer from arthritic conditions? The FuelGrip will help!

Filling up in the cold? The FuelGrip is perfect for use in cold weather!

In the unlikely event of an overfill, the Fuelgrip is cleverly designed to be released immediately from the pump handle. All you need to do is give it a push and the Fuelgrip will spring off.

As you’ll know most fuel pumps have an automatic shut off when the tank is full. However in the interest of safety, Fuelgrip should never be left unattended whilst in use.

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Fuelgrip is specifically designed to assist in the refuelling of motor vehicles by gripping the trigger and fuel pump together without the need to hold on by hand;


  • The fuelgrip can be removed at any time, allowing you to purchase exactly the amount of fuel you require


  • While refuelling, adhere to the fuel station rules (i.e. switch off engine, do not re-enter the vehicle, do not smoke or use a mobile phone etc.)


  • In the interest of safety, never leave fuelgrip unattended whilst in use

  • When your fuel tank is full, the automatic trigger shut off mechanism cuts in, stopping any chance of over filling


  • In the unlikely event of overfill, the fuelgrip is designed to be released immediately from the pump handle simply by pushing it and the fuelgrip will spring off