Dual Digital / Analogue Tachograph Training Case

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Providing vital tacho training with 2 different tachograph heads is easy with this top quality training case manufactured by Lisle design.

Suitable for all makes of tacho heads inc EFAS, Stoneridge & VDO.

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When providing training in the use of tachographs it is essential for those being trained to have the chance to practise operating a tachograph.  Generally it is much better for those being trained to try out each of the different tachograph types available, because then the similarities and differences can be illustrated and explored.  In such circumstances it is much easier for different tachograph types to be housed together rather than in many separate boxes.

Each training case supplied can be customised with your company label.

The case is provided with a 24V mains power supply suitable for powering two tachographs simultaneously.  The electronics within the case control the supply to each of the tachographs, and also the ignition and illumination supplies.  Each tachograph is provided with a separate speed source, so the speed to each can be set and controlled separately. 

When not in use the power supply is stored away safely and securely in the detachable case lid.  Reattaching the lid and closing the case results in an easy-to-carry package.

Can be used with all main manufacturers units including EFAS, Stoneridge & VDO.