DigiPostPro DDP04

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Data collected & transmitted from any location
Key features
  • Simple depot solution to collect tachograph data
  • Drivers are able to upload their own data securely
  • Supported by all cloud-based analysis providers
  • Actively used in over 15,000 depots
  • Built-in EU rules engine

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Digipostpro is a reliable and secure, wall-mounted solution for any depot, warehouse or transport office. It takes the data from the driver card and sends it directly to your analysis service provider using either 4G, LAN or Wi-Fi.

The digipostpro comes with a digivu download key which allows you to download vehicle unit data from a vehicle’s tachograph and automatically transmit to your analysis provider through our digicentral server.

A clocking module can be purchased with the digipostpro or can be added later. This allows the driver and other staff to manage their own clocking in/off and on/off breaks via the digipostpro. Clocking can be controlled by using driver cards, custom clocking cards or RFID tags. Fingerprints can be used to confirm the identity of the operator.


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