Checkpoint Squirrel – 10 Stud Wheel Nut Fixing Ring

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Keep your vehicle safe and your wheels secure!

The Squirrel 10 Stud is a unique & innovative 1 piece wheel nut fixing ring for HGV, Bus & Coach.

Easy to install (takes minutes!) and gives you flexibility & additional safety support.

No more loose nuts!

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Primary Functions: Part of a maintenance process that provides extra support to wheel nut fixing helping to safeguard against the
possibility of wheel detachments.

Primary Benefits: No moving parts. Designed as a one piece unit that will not get clogged with road dirt and grime. Durable, re-useable and capable of working in a wide range of temperatures. The Squirrel® is resistant to oil, detergents and most chemicals. Suitable for both front and back wheels. A simple and user friendly safety device. No special fitting tools required.

Sizes: 10 stud, 8 stud and 6 stud for European trucks and buses. 6 stud mini (for medium sized vans).

Material: Light weight, Impact resistant, engineered high quality nylon.

Operating Temperature Range: -30°c – 250°c