75 Litre Mobile Grit & Salt Cart

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Code: GB04

Now this is a great way to get your grit and sale to where its needed quickly and easily!

This 75 litre capacity storage cart is manufactured from hard wearing polyethylene & perfect for the storage of salt & grit, logs and even oil absorbants.

Large lid which clips securely open for easy access & an angled lid forces water to run off and keep the contents dry.

The wheels are composite and you get an ergonomic handle offering great manoeuverability!

Why not grab some rock salt at the same time, see below for pricing!

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• Manufactured from hard wearing chemical and weather resistant polyethylene.

• Features a 75ltr capacity storage tank ideal for a variety of materials including grit, salt, sand, logs and oil absorbents.
• Fitted with composite wheels and ergonomic handle for easy manoeuvrability.
• Large lid opening clips securely open to provide easy access.
• Angled lid forces water to run off, keeping contents dry.

Model No: GB04
Capacity: 75ltr
Dimensions (W x D x H): 435 x 590 x 1070mm
Weight: 11kg

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