125 Litre Spill Kit

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Code: GSKS

Respond to emergency spills quickly and efficiently. These excellent spill kits will contain spillages, absorbing up to 125 litres of liquid.

Supplied in a sturdy wheelie-bin with special kits available for oil spills and chemical spills.

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These kits are easy to manouvre in the supplied lightweight, yet sturdy wheelie bin, allowing a quick clean up to contain any spills before they can do any damage.

Each kit contains:

1 x wheelie-bin (125L )

6 x Absorbent socks 8cm x 3m

50 x Absorbent pads 40 x 50cm

1 Roll of Caution tape

3 x Disposal bag & tie

1 x Contents/instruction sheet

Special kits available for oil & chemical spills – see below

Additional information

Spill Kit Type

Chemical – CSKS, General Purpose, Oil – OSKS